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Viscose Rugs Cleaning in Columbia

Owning a viscose rug means enjoying the silk-like qualities of a gorgeous, soft rug without having to spend the full expense of a silk rug. Made from viscose fibers, these rugs are also notorious for being especially vulnerable to being damaged from washing or vacuuming. This makes maintenance even more challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating for the owner.

But why worry when you can trust on cleaning methods of Former Glory Rug Cleaning. We provide our professional assistance in cleaning precious rugs in Irmo, Columbia, and other regions of South Carolina. Contact us online or give us a call at 803-877-6161.

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Why is Professional Cleaning Necessary for Viscose Rugs?

It's simple to see why you would want to cover your floors or walls with such a masterpiece because viscose rugs offer a wonderful gloss and some of the most gorgeous patterns. Keep in mind that the majority of the processes used to clean area rugs can easily damage these rugs. For instance, during normal washing, if the wrong quantity of water is used, this might easily lead the fabric to become discolored or yellow, the fibers can be damaged, and the color can bleed.

The cellulose fibers present in viscose rugs can be fragile. These fibers are produced using chemicals, by-products derived from cotton production and wood pulp. The cellulose-based fibers that are produced as a consequence are nearly as fragile as paper itself, and each time they go through the washing process, they lose some of their original strength. For this reason, trusting a professional like Former Glory Rug Cleaning for your precious viscose rugs is essential.

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Former Glory Rug Cleaning is reliable for other types of rugs such as Moroccan rugs, Portuguese rugs, and more, in Lancaster, Camden, and other cities around South Carolina. Give us a call right now at 803-877-6161 for an estimate.