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wood floor on turkish rug

Turkish Rug Cleaning in Aiken, SC

Like many rugs that are handcrafted and hand-dyed, Turkish rugs often have issues with the dyes and they can be especially prone to quick fading. For residents of  Camden, Aiken and other cities of South Carolina, trust Former Glory Rug Cleaning for thorough and safe Turkish rug cleaning. Restore your dirty rugs by contacting us online or calling 803-877-6161 for more information.

colorful handmade silk cotton and wool turkish rug

Why Should You Consider Professional Cleaning?

A wet Turkish rug is a bit more delicate than a dry one, so any rug repair need to be finished before washing. Before a rug is cleaned, a procedure is performed to get rid of as many stray particles as is humanly possible. When there is moisture present, dirt and dust are more destructive than when it's dry. Cleaning supplies and equipment are not a mystery to those with professional training. Pros know which soap and detergent are best for your rug.

Some compounds have the potential to be harmful to organic fibers such as wool. Also, just a small amount of pressure when scrubbing. Turkish rugs are very fragile. It's imperative that you treat them with the utmost care at all times. They can be damaged with little effort. That's why it's important to trust a professional cleaning company such as Former Glory Rug Cleaning.

Trust Former Glory Rug Cleaning for Advanced Rug Cleaning

Former Glory Rug Cleaning uses the most effective methods and advanced procedures. We also clean other types: Navajo Rug, Synthetic Rug and more in Lexington, Lancaster and other regions of South Carolina. So call us at 803-877-6161 right now to take advantage of our services.