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Pile Rug Cleaning in Columbia, Aiken, & Rock Hill, SC

Pile rugs are soft, and fluffy complementing many contemporary settings. But like other rugs, it also gets soiled and absorbs dirt, dust, and debris. Vacuum cleaning can’t clean it properly. So it looks dirty even after vacuuming. In that case, professional rug cleaning is required.

Former Glory Rug Cleaning has been providing professional pile rug cleaning services for a long. You don’t have to hassle much. Just inform us. Our skilled & experienced specialists will take all the necessary steps of making your rug look like new. We have set our industry standard for rug cleaning. To learn more about our services, call 803-877-6161.

Why Pile Rug Cleaning Needs Professionals at Former Glory Rug Cleaning?

Some reasons are given below why it’s better to get service from Former Glory Rug Cleaning_

Thorough cleaning: We use the necessary equipment and appropriate method of cleaning to clean your pile rug thoroughly.

Increases lifespan of rug: Our team is skilled in determining which approach will work best for the material of your rug. The fibers of the rug can be cleaned and enhanced with potent treatments. This will increase the life of your rug.

Healthier atmosphere: Professional cleaning of your carpets can help reduce the risk of allergies and infections in children and pets.

Eliminate odors: Dirty rug spreads unusual odor. Our professional cleaning can remove all these odors.

Remove stains: We know very well which chemical need to use for which stains. By applying the proper process of cleaning we remove all stubborn stains.

Saves time: People lead a very busy life. We can save you the time of cleaning.

Enhance appearance: Our professional rug cleaning may enhance the beauty of the space while also keeping the fibers of the rug looking like new.

Let Us Clean Your Pile Rugs

Since we value our customer's satisfaction, we work efficiently and conscientiously. Besides cleaning pile rugs, we also clean Afghan rugs, silk rugsIndian rugs, Moroccan rugs, Portuguese rugs, Chinese rugs, and many more!

Our services are available in Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, Lexington, Newberry, Chapin, and other cities throughout our service area. Reach us by dialing 803-877-6161 or sending messages online to fix a schedule with us.