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Persian Rug Cleaning in Columbia & Rock Hill, SC

Persian Rug Cleaning in Columbia & Rock Hill

As a locally owned business, Former Glory Rug Cleaning treats every rug like it's our own. With your handmade Persian rugs, they will be given the level of care and attention they deserve.

Each year we clean and restore hundreds of rugs for families, rug merchants, hotels and restaurants (and the occasional museum) in addition to carrying out both repair and cleaning services for insurance claims. We serve customers in Blair, Blythewood, Bowling Green, Camden, Cassatt, Catawba, Cayce and throughout South Carolina.

Decades of experience with Persian rugs means we can offer advice on the level and intensity of cleaning your rug should go through. Older or more fragile rugs cannot withstand the same process as newer carpets, so each rug's cleaning and restoration is tailored to specific needs.

Before cleaning begins, we go through a consultation process to explain what you can expect. Call 803-877-6161 for more information.

Regularly Check Persian Rugs to Know When to Clean Professionally

Regularly Check Persian Rugs to Know When to Clean Professionally

Flip over a corner of the rug. If a cloud of dirt comes flying out, then the rug is definitely in need of a good cleaning. If there's some dust and wool fibers, but not an excessively large amount, then that's perfectly normal. Next, kneel on the rug and rub with the palm of your hand for 5 to 10 seconds. If your hand is dirty, then the rug needs cleaning.

Make Former Glory Rug Cleaning Your First Call For:

  • Food spills & pet accidents: These are some of the most common spills you can experience with rugs, urine being the most severe. It can cause the color to run, and the odor can be difficult to get rid of or disguise.

For food spills, it's easier to deal with if you clean up promptly before the spill is allowed to dry. Blot up as much liquid as you can with either paper towels or a clean cloth, and then try to rinse out as much as possible.

  • Pet stool or regurgitation: With pet vomit, it's more complicated. It truly depends on the food because the mixture can dilute the dye and possibly result in a different hue.

Clean up the area immediately and pick up as much foreign material as you can with paper towels or clean cloths. Whatever happens, don't use bleach because this can remove the original color. And, always keep your outdoor shoes, outside.

Trust Former Glory Rug Cleaning For Persian Rug Cleaning in Charleston, SC

Former Glory Rug Cleaning has built its reputation is on years of superior service. We are certified as master rug cleaners, which means our highly-trained and experienced technicians use the most advanced equipment in the industry to assess, protect, and clean fine Persian and area rugs.

Call 803-877-6161 in South Carolina and across our SC service area.