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Area Rug Cleaning & Repair Services in Rock Hill

Former Glory Rug Cleaning is your go-to service provider if you have a rug or area rug in your residential home that needs cleaning or repair work done living in Rock Hill, S.C.

All rugs are cleaned and repaired on our premises. Cleaning and repair services for all types of residential rugs are provided at a reasonable price by our team of professionals. Call 803-877-6161 to take advantage of our services.

Former Glory Rug Cleaning Services in Rock Hill Include:

Our Area Rug Cleaning & Repair Services 

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Our professional rug cleaning specialists can take care of all of the rug-related services that you want, from cleaning and maintenance to preservation and storage. Here are some of our most requested services:

  • Rug Cleaning: What matters most is that your carpets are kept clean, vivid, and free of odors, regardless of whether they have been in your family for decades or if you purchased them at a yard sale or clearance sale. To keep your precious area rug clean, Former Glory Rug Cleaning uses advanced cleaning methods.
  • Rug Padding: Rug pads are a terrific way to protect your floor coverings from wear and tear while also preventing them from sliding about when you walk on them. Investing in a rug pad with a custom fit provided by us is an excellent way to extend the life of your rug while also keeping your floor spotless.
  • Rug Protection: Rugs provide warmth and beauty to the interior design of your house or business. Heavy foot traffic, high-alkaline or solvent cleansers, and time all work together to wear away the factory-installed protection. It is possible for dirt, debris, and allergies to collect on the rug in this manner. Fortunately, the rug protection professionals at Former Glory Rug Cleaning have long been known for setting the industry standard for rug protection treatments and procedures.

Choose Former Glory Rug Cleaning for Advanced Area Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

Former Glory Rug Cleaning has been a reputed service provider in the community for a long time in Rock Hill, S.C. If you need our services, call 803-877-6161 or contact us online to find out about more!