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Area Rug Padding in Columbia, SC

Rug Padding in Columbia

When it comes to keeping your area rugs safe from damage while preventing them from sliding as you walk on them, adding a rug pad is a great option. A custom-fit rug pad installed by Former Glory Rug Cleaning not only prolongs the lifespan of your rug but also helps to keep your floor clean and stain-free while eliminating the potential for sub-floor damages at your residential or commercial property in Columbia, and other cities throughout our SC service area.

However, not every rug pad is suitable for all kinds of rugs. That is why our specialists will help you select the perfect pad to meet your needs and your budget. Former Glory Rug Cleaning set the industry standard for rug cleaning and rug protection services for homeowners and business owners in Columbia, and other cities we serve in South Carolina. To learn more, give us a call at 803-877-6161 or click here to make an appointment today!

Benefits of Area Rug Padding in Columbia, SC

  • It makes rug cleaning easier: Vacuums work better when air flows underneath the rug and having a rug pad can ensure that airflow, making the cleaning process a bit easier and thorough.
  • It prevents floor stains: The tints and dyes in your area rug can wear off over time and stain your floor. Having a rug pad will act as a barrier between the rug and the floor. As a result, your floor beneath the rug will always be stain-free.
  • It makes the rug more comfortable than before: Having a rug pad beneath your rug will add an extra cushion that improves rug comfort.

Trust Former Glory For Your Rug Padding Needs in Columbia, SC

To get the best rug pad for your area rug, you can reach Former Glory Rug Cleaning at 803-877-6161 for assistance in Lexington, Newberry, Greenwood, Chapin, and other cities within our SC service area. Besides rug padding, we serve homeowners and business owners with area rug cleaning, rug protection and more for every area rug need or budget across Columbia. For more information, our local rug experts at Former Glory are just one click away.

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  • Columbia, SC | January 17, 2022

My rug came out looking brand new and the dog pee smell is gone... Love it. Thanks

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January 04, 2022 | Columbia, SC

This beautiful Shag rug was in a high traffic area and needed a deep cleaning. We thoroughly washed and removed any dirt and debris. The result was a rug that looked as great as the day it was purchased.