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Blotting Spills off Rugs near Columbia and Rock Hill

No matter how careful you are, you can still find stains on your rug. Rugs kept in open areas of the home or office are susceptible to pet stains, muddy footprints, and spills of liquids like coffee, sauce, wine, vinegar, and other items. Stains from spills can destroy the beauty of your valuable and expensive rugs. Don’t get panicked!

The skilled professionals of Former Glory Rug Cleaning will blot spills from your rugs. If you want to remove stains from spills on your rug, blotting is considered a more effective option than rubbing. For several years, we have set the industry standard for blotting spills from your rugs. If you live in the Columbia and Rock Hill areas and want to blot spills off your rug, then call us now at 803-877-6161.

Blotting spills from your rug

Should You Rub or Blot Rug Stains?

When a spill happens on your rug, even though you might want to rub your rug immediately, you should not do the rubbing. When you spill anything, you will need to blot to try and take away as much liquid as possible from the spill.

Rubbing can enhance the issue even more, and it is the final thing you would like to do, as the rubbing action will cause the stain pigments to move more in-depth into the carpet fibers.

Aggressive rubbing of the stain can worsen the condition by spreading the stain in a broader area. This is why a professional company like Former Glory Rug Cleaning’s help is needed, as we can effectively remove your spills with our advanced rug cleaning methods.

Why Should You Rely on Former Glory Rug Cleaning?

The 24/7 response team of Former Glory Rug Cleaning is always ready to answer your questions. We also provide rug repair, rug fringe repair, and rug cleaning services. Our services are available in Windsor, Jackson, and New Ellenton. Give us a call at 803-877-6161 or fill out this form to make an appointment.