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Rug Spa Treatment around Columbia and Rock Hill

Before your rug even begins to seem dirty, it can hold up to one pound of dirt for each square foot. This grit and dried soil will gradually weaken your rug's fibers and cause wear over time. Just manually beating the rug or vacuuming it isn't enough to totally remove this dirt.

Don't worry! Former Glory Rug Cleaning has the expertise and equipment to provide you with a superior rug spa treatment. At the state-of-the-art rug spa facility of our company, we will carefully restore your rug to its previous glory and make sure that it is cleaned properly to the best possible standards.

For many years, we have been the recognized leader for rug protection services in the Columbia and Rock Hill areas. If you want to obtain our services, then give us a call at 803-877-6161.

Rug spa service in your area

The Superior Rug Spa Treatment of Former Glory Rug Cleaning in Rock Hill

Our rug spa treatment is well-known for its effectiveness. This method consists of the following:

  • Prevent wear stains on rugs, including high-traffic areas
  • Provides your rug with the best possible protection
  • Stops the presence of static dirt buildup
  • Prevents permanent stains
  • Improves future rug cleanings

Rely on Former Glory Rug Cleaning for the Best Rug Spa Treatment in Columbia & Rock Hill

At Former Glory Rug Cleaning, our rug spa treatment is a combination of our cutting-edge technology and time-tested practices. With our rug spa treatment, you will get the best results, total satisfaction, and longer rug life. Our IICRC-certified technicians will leave no stone unturned to provide the finest rug spa treatment that you desire.

We also provide anti-microbial sanitization for rugs, anti-fungal treatment for rugs, and anti-allergen rug treatments. If you live in Jackson, Beech Island, and New Ellenton, then you can obtain our services. Call us now at 803-877-6161 or fill out this form to learn more about our services.