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Protector & Stain Repellant Experts in Columbia, Aiken, & Rock Hill

Any kind of stain can ruin the beauty of your beloved handmade & heirloom rugs. Stains can also affect the longevity of those objects. Our experts are there to help you with removing the stains and retaining the luster and beauty of your rugs. These experts have decades of experience, too!

Former Glory Rug Cleaning is the most reliable company for protector & stain repellant services in Columbia, Aiken, & Rock Hill.

Protector And Stain Repellant

Benefits of Rug Protector & Stain Repellants

As the name says, it protects and repels all types of stains from damaging the fabric. The repellants create a molecular shield around the fibers of your rug, denying liquids from staining the fabric. With the increase of surface tension due to the protector and stain repellant, the rug repels all types of dirt, dust, and spills.

Count on Former Glory Rug Cleaning to protect your beloved rugs! We offer the finest service, with state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer free pickup and delivery of your rug!

We Are Your Go-To Company!

Former Glory Rug Cleaning is a local, family-owned business that is solely focused on area rug restoration. We pride ourselves on the training and professionalism of our team and our commitment to customers.

Regardless of the type of area rug you own, we will have it looking clean, fresh, and vibrant when we return it to your home or office in Barnwell, Camden, Edgemoor, Fort Lawn, Hopkins, or any other city in our service area. Contact us or call 803-877-6161 for more information.