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Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal in Columbia & Rock Hills, SC

Pet Stain Removal Service in Columbia

Pets are lovable and cherished family members, but they can make mistakes.

Pet stains and pet odors can happen on carpets and our prized area rugs. If ignored, these unsightly accidents can become more difficult to remove and could ultimately require replacement.

Former Glory Rug Cleaning sets the industry standard for area rug pet stain removal, pet odor elimination, protection and cleaning services. We provide services and care for all types of rugs in Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, and throughout our South Carolina service area.

Don't let those pet stains and odors linger. We can make your rugs look and smell their best with our pet stain removal and pet odor elimination expertise.

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Pet Stain & Pet Odor Removal By Former Glory in Columbia & Lexington, SC

  • Provides the highest level of protection for your rugs
  • Resists permanent stains
  • Keeps rugs safe from wear marks, including high-traffic areas
  • Stops the presence of static buildup
  • Improves future cleanings
  • Removes odors that accompany stains
Pet Stains & Pet Odors Removal Service with Former Glory

Why Pet Stains Should Be Removed?

Pet stains are not only unpleasant to smell and see, but they can also cause disease and irritation.

Pet urine, particularly cat urine, contains ammonia which can cause the lungs to feel as if they are on fire. Urine also contains proteins that can serve as a catalyst for bacteria that can make your family sick.

Even the best pet stain remover on the market will not completely eliminate a bad pet urine stain. The best method to safeguard your house and family is to have a professional come in and make sure that any dried-up urine is removed.

Trust Us for Removing Pet Stains and Odors

We offer comprehensive rug cleaning and rug protection services, including solutions for pet stain & pet odor removal. Call 803-877-6161 or contact us online.