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Pet Damage Types in Columbia, Aiken, & Rock Hill

Humans and pets can both be harsh on rugs. They might drop, spill or just leave "things" that are difficult to clean. Because your pets are valuable members of your family, life would be unimaginably different without them. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, he or she may dig or chew holes in your rug, and cats may discover the ideal piece of rug to use as a scratch pad while you're not around.

This can be very stressful if it's a favorite rug that has been damaged. Not to worry if you live in Columbia, AikenRock hill or throughout South Carolina! Count on Former Glory Rug Cleaning, and our team of experts and certified technicians. They're equipped with the best modern technology to make sure your rug is good as new after the treatment. Call us today at 803-877-6161 for a free estimate.

Types of Pet Damage That We Can Fix

Former Glory Rug Cleaning has a playbook of solutions and methods for just about every form of rug damage that you can imagine. Our certified and trained experts have years of knowledge and expertise so that your rug will be thoroughly cleaned and will look like new.

pet stand rug odor removal
  • Chewing
  • Stained by urine
  • Scratching
  • Odor

Count on Former Glory Rug Cleaning Pet Protection Services

Former Glory Rug Cleaning strives for perfection and delivers outstanding services for Pet Stain Removal, Pet Barrier for many years in Camden, Lancaster, and other regions throughout South Carolina. So, to understand more about our products and to take advantage of our exceptional services, call 803-877-6161 or contact us online.