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Health Risks For Rugs Without Pet Protection

Rugs and pets, people love having them both in their home, but pets can sometimes urinate or deficate on a rug. If a peed-on or poop-stained rug is left in that state for a long time, it can also cause potential health risks because it can affect the healthy environment of the house.

This is why rug protection is important so that the carpet is not permanently damaged. If you are a resident of Columbia, Aiken, or any other cities nearby, and are in need of pet protection for your rugs, then Former Glory Rug Cleaning is your one-stop solution.

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Potential Health Risks

  • Ammonia Odor: Can be extremely harmful to persons with COPD, asthma, or emphysema, and it can trigger allergies.
  • Growth of Bacteria: Can cause serious health problems for immune-compromised children, elderly, or those whose immune systems have been damaged by sickness or medical treatments.
  • Potential for Mold: Because the components of urine attract moisture, numerous types of mold might begin to form beneath the carpet. Penicillium can produce respiratory symptoms, while aspergillus can result in long-term lung issues if exposed for an extended period of time.
  • Expense of Replacing Subfloor: The urine soaks into the flooring, through your carpet and the padding beneath it. The wood may even begin to deteriorate as a result of repeated pet accidents.

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