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Rug Deodorizing in Columbia, Aiken, and Rock Hill

Who wants to enter a house that smells like pet dander, cigarette smoke, or a spilled soft drink? When you have visitors, pets, and children in your home, there is a good possibility that your area rugs have absorbed some funky smells between deep cleanings. That makes Former Glory Rug Cleaning your ally. We offer a variety of deodorizing solutions that will remove unwanted odors from your rug.

At Former Glory, we set the industry standard for rug cleaning and rug protection services for residential & commercial customers in ColumbiaAikenRock Hill, and other cities throughout our service area. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at 803-877-6161 or click here to make an appointment!

Deodorize Your Rug With Former Glory Rug Cleaning

Deodorize Your Smelly Rug With Former Glory in Columbia, Aiken
 and Rock Hill

When it comes to deodorizing rugs in ColumbiaAikenRock Hill, and other cities that we serve, our superior products and services set us apart from the competition. We have solutions for all kinds of odors that include two of the toughest:

  • Removal of Pet Odors: It's not easy to get rid of pet odors. Pet urine is high in nitrogen and has a strong ammonia odor that may fade when the place has dried. However, when these strong smells are combined with poor cleaning, you're left with a lingering stink that won't go away or returns every time the area is moist. We can assist you in locating where your pet has urinated so that it can be cleaned and deodorized correctly. 
  • Removal of Smoke Odors: Call us when your area rug smells like cigarette smoke. Our easy-to-use, low-cost solution doesn't just hide smoke odor; it really DESTROYS it at the molecular level.

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When you call us for your rug cleaning or deodorizing needs, we provide the highest level of service available. We are your local rug experts and we offer rug cleaning, rug protectionpet protectionmoth repellent, and rug deodorizing services that are second to none. We combine cutting-edge technology and time-tested practices to provide the best results for our residential and commercial customers in IrmoCamdenLancasterNorth AugustaLexington, and other cities within our service area. To learn more about our products and services, call 803-877-6161 or click here to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in FairfieldRichlandSaluda, and Edgefield