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Professional Wet Cleaning in Columbia, Aiken & Rock Hill, SC

Any type of rug can be challenging to clean traditionally at home and may have unfavorable results. Unusual odor, pet stains, and stubborn stains from coffee, wine, and ink damage the fabric of your rug. A dirty rug is not suitable for your health. It also diminishes the appearance of your home. A professional wet-cleaning of the rug can solve all those problems.

Former Glory Rug Cleaning's professional rug cleaning specialists offer the best rug cleaning services since they have received significant training in wet cleaning techniques. We serve customers in Columbia, Aiken, Rock Hill, Newberry, Greenwood, Chapin, and other cities throughout our service area. For more information about our services, give us a call at 803-877-6161.

Types of Our Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a technique for cleaning rugs that involve injecting water into your area rug under high pressure and then removing the water. Below are some of our types of wet cleaning:

Extraction with Hot Water: We use hot water and a cleaning solution to wash the fibers of the rug. It cleans the fibers by rinsing them, pulling them back up, and removing stains and grime while extracting dirty rinse water and cleaning solution. This cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes the rug.

Rug steam cleaning: We use steam created from water that has been heated to 212 degrees. Less water is required with this rug cleaning technique because steam is utilized. Rugs are successfully agitated by high-pressure steam to remove deeply entrenched grime, dirt, and dust.

Shampooing: We also use shampooing which consumes relatively less water than hot water extraction. Since it generates more mechanical action, it enables the effective removal of fine particulate soil.

Choose Former Glory Rug Cleaning for Professional Wet Cleaning of your Rugs

Whenever you want to make your carpet professionally cleaned by the wet cleaning method, contact us right away. We are 24/7 available to serve you. Experience in wet cleaning makes us experts and we can help you at our best.

We clean various types of rugs such as oriental rugs, viscose rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, jute rugs, Turkish rugs, cotton rugs, and many more. For immediate appointment scheduling, please call 803-877-6161 or click here to learn more.