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Hot Water Extraction in Aiken, Columbia & Rock Hill, SC

Cleaned beautiful rugs add value to a home’s appearance. To warm a room while adding a decorative touch, a rug is a must. It also significantly decreases the noise in your space. It is normal for rugs to get dirty easily.

Dirty rugs decrease the outlook of your house. Same time it creates a musty atmosphere at your home. Proper cleaning with hot water extraction is required for increasing the beauty and lifespan of your rug.

Former Glory Rug Cleaning has expertise in rug cleaning with a hot water extraction method.
Our well-trained and highly skilled technicians are always ready to clean your carpet. Anytime you want to take services from us just call 803-877-6161.

Our Hot Water Extraction Rug Cleaning Method

We professionals at Former Glory Rug Cleaning have years of experience in hot water rug cleaning methods.

  • In this cleaning method, firstly a solution and detergent are sprayed into the rug pile during the hot water extraction procedure to wash out or rinse soils that are deeply embedded inside the rug.
  • Then we inject hot water with high pressure so that the extractor or vacuum slot can collect the solution, dirt, dust, debris, and soil from its surface. We use high-powered and professional-level equipment for hot water extraction cleaning.

Benefits of the Hot Water Extraction Method

Thorough clean: Hot water extraction method of carpet and area rug cleaning your carpets will once again have that new carpet look and feel.

Environmentally friendly: No harsh chemicals are used in this process. As a result, it won't hurt your pets or have an adverse effect on allergy sufferers. It won’t fade or discolor your rug.

Eliminates odor: It eliminates odor completely from the rug.

Removes unusual stains: It removes all types of stains of coffee, red wine, and ink from your rug.

Increase rug’s longevity: Proper cleaning in this manner will extend the life of your rug.

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