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Rug Cleaning Services in Columbia, Aiken, & Rock Hill

Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Columbia, Aiken
     and Rock Hill

No matter if your rugs have been in your family for generations or if you bought them at a clearance sale, you want to keep them clean, vibrant, and odor-free. However, consumer-grade rug cleaners make some stains even worse. In addition, machine-washing of area rugs can cause colors to migrate or fade, while vacuum cleaners often split fibers along the fringes of fine textiles.

That is why you want to involve a professional for your rug cleaning services in ColumbiaAikenRock Hill, and other cities that we serve. At Former Glory Rug Cleaning, our IICRC-certified cleaning crews are just one click away. Our skilled & experienced specialists remove stains and maintain the vibrant colors of your rug. From the first inspection to thorough cleaning and delivery, the proven professionals at Former Glory set the industry standard for rug cleaning and rug protection services in cities throughout our service area, including IrmoCamdenLancasterNorth Augusta. To learn more, call at 803-877-6161 or click here to make an appointment!

Rug Cleaning Services by Former Glory

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Former Glory Rug Cleaning provides a wide range of rug cleaning methods, all of which are the safest method for specific rug types. This cleaning procedure requires a delicate pH solution balance and should only be performed by true professionals. Hence, our cleaning technicians have received extensive training in cleaning a variety of specialty and hand-made rugs. Apart from cleaning rugs, we also repair damaged rugs

Free Rug Pick-Up And Delivery Service by Former Glory

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Service

Former Glory Rug Cleaning understands that in today's busy schedule, it often gets hard for you to drop your unclean rugs followed by picking them up in a timely manner. Hence we provide our customers a free pick-up and delivery service. When you call us we send our crew to pick the rug from your place and then deliver it back to you after thoroughly cleaning the rug. 

Clean Your Rugs With Former Glory in Columbia, Aiken, and Rock Hill

At Former Glory, we will effectively clean your rugs and make them look new and vibrant for your home or office in LexingtonNewberryGreenwoodChapin, and other cities within our service area. We recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, or every 6 months if you have pets or allergies. When you need a professional rug cleaning, call 803-877-6161 or click here to schedule a service at your home or office in AikenRock Hill, or Columbia.